A remastered playful slime treatment

Over the last few years I tended to constantly improve my photography, my lighting, my gear. Bu I also constantly try to improve on post-production. Revently I invested some time in learning to do better video editing, which benefited mainly my most recent releases obviously.

However over the next few months I will go through my archive and work on some of my older movies especially, where I – with my knowlegde about editing then – didn’t render the best possible video quality. Adding a few new found filters and investing in a new render engine helped me to generate much better movie quality with the same bitrate and much less noise.

This on is my first re-release of a video form one of my earlier sets.

Important note for all buyers of the video: If you registered during checkout when you bought the video originally, you can still access the download by logging into the page again and save the remastered movie file.

For all others, if you read this blog post and decide to buy the set, you can save 30% by entering the discount code “REMASTERED37” during checkout.

Full set at wetandmessyphotography.com/downloads/a-playful-slime-treatment/

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