New set – Jennies fully clothed bath

She’s every photographers dream. She’s beautiful, she’s bright, she knows how to pose but above all her facial expressions are priceless.

I was so happy to do another shoot with one of my favorite models Jennie. This time she got soaked in her jeans, a turtleneck pullover and a cardigan.

It was kind of a special shoot, because she was about to retire from modeling shortly after this shoot. So I was lucky to have the opportunity to get her wet for WAM Photography one last time.

This set is especially recommended for the wet hair fans. Jennie soaks her mane in every thinkable way. Several backwards and forward dunks in the bathtub as well as a slow initial soaking under the shower.

Oh and she drops her pullover to go topless in the end of the shoot … not to be seen in this blog entry, but visit the website to get the whole set if you are interested!

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