Dany enjoying a fully clothed bath


let me introduce a part of my earlier work, I took this photoset almost 2 years ago. This wetlook  photoset features beautiful Dany enjoying a fully clothed bath in her blue jeans. She enjoys every moment from slowly entering the bathtub to final shower. This photosets shows you every detail of her playfully soaking herself in water and milk.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. zewpress says:

    Hi, you are full of fantasy

  2. Nafees says:

    thats amazing 😉

      1. Nafees says:

        welcome. You’re a model or actress?

      2. Neither nor, I’m the photographer 🙂

      3. Nafees says:

        not late yet, give it a chance 😉 you got guts I bet

      4. I guess I’ll stay behind the camera 🙂

      5. Nafees says:

        thats not bad either but nothing is bad with trying 🙂

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