A custard and chocolate sauce makeover


there have been some inspirations around the web for this photoshoot. From Meg Wachter’s dumped photoshoot to an Oxfam Campaign I saw once and a few more. I liked the setting and went off to rent a studio and got some models to take part in the fun. Here’s one of the resulting photosets. The full set is  available for download over at my store, hope you like it.

This photoshoot was about getting some nice reactions of girls who are far from being anything like an experienced WAM model, but liked the idea of covering each other in all kinds of goo for a photoshoot.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian says:

    Hey Chris, what’s up? No more updates? Can’t wait for that super hot cutie in the background to get messy too!

    1. Hi Brian,

      there will be updates as soon as I find some time again. Job and private life keep me quite busy currently. But there’ll be some updates soon hopefully!

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Chris!

    It’s been a year now and I’m still waiting for the set with the girl in the background to be available in your store!
    🙂 So this is just a reminder… I collected 2 images from her “model-kartei”-profile, would love to buy the rest.

    You do the best messy sets ever!
    Maybe except for some messy shoes/socks, and of course there could be a lot more sets for us to purchase..;)
    Keep it up!

    best wishes

  3. BigFan says:

    any news on the set with the girl in the background? thanks

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