Free Set – Irinas second dip in the lake

Hi to all readers that know my blog from the past or just discovered it today.

Over the past few years I mainly concentrated on my website . I invested countless hours on setting up the download store and have been producing set after set as time allowed.

Btw. for those interested: I am a one-man-show, meaning I do all the preparing, shooting, editing, cleaning and much more myself. I will probably write a full article about what it means to be a producer and to follow your passion alongside a pretty normal private and business life.

However that is not the topic of this post. I decided to revive my blog because I also want to share some insights as well as some material that does not qualify for my online store out of various reasons. And I would like to interact a bit more with my audience in order to pick up some feedback or questions you like to ask.

For a starter I dug up one set I didn’t really want to put on sale on my website, because it lacks the quality I usually want to provide for the photosets and videos I produce. It was already very dark when we shot the set, so the video turned out to be very noisy and grainy. We were on site and she still was a little wet from a previous shoot, allthough usually I want my models to dry completely before getting in again.

There’s a video of the shoot on my youtube channel. Since it was already dark when we did the shooting there was not a lot natural light available  anymore. I positioned my Gopro on a tripod, but the video turned out to be extremely noisy and almost unwatchable. However I used Neatvideo noise reduction in order to rescue it to the extent possible.

… and for the full set, download the ZIP –>  Freeset_Irina


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