Dirndlflugtag Zell am See 2009

There’s a new HQ photoset (all fotos 2400px high or wide) available from one of Austrias newer traditional events. It’s from the Dirndlflugtag in Zell am See from 2009.

Dirndl is the description of a traditional dress worn in the alpine regions of Austria and Germany. Though it was originally used as a working dress of female domestic workers, it got adopted as a fahionable garment over time. Today it is very common at all kinds of festivities like marriages or regional fairs like the Oktoberfest in Munich.


Dirndl also describes a young woman or a girl in Austrian and bavarian dialect.

The late 90s saw the emergence of events called “Dirndlspringen”, “Dirndlfliegen” or Dirndlflugtag. The are held during summer-months when temperatures usually are around 30°C and the temperatures of alpine lakes make bathing enjoyable. The oftentimes are organized by local stores selling traditional clothing like Drindln. They are  fun events featuring female and male – also dressed in Dirndln – starters as well, allthough usually a jury judges the jumps.

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