The sunset photoshoot


here’s a new update to my site. I had the privilege to produce some wetlook pictures with beautiful Sabine. This is a photoset, that wasn’t meant to end up in my download store in the first place. Only after Sabine asked me to I decided to put it online anyway, since some of you still might enjoy the full set though it’s not the classic wetlook-photoset. Since this photoshoot was planned as a wetlook-fashion-shoot with the focus on producing beauty-portraits in the water, we didn’t pay too much attention on covering every aspect of the model getting slowly wet in the water. Practically all of the shots show Sabine in the water up to her waist. Though she was wearing jeans-shorts, you will barely see them. So for you fans of wet jeans, this is probably not the photoset to go for. Apart from that it’s a beautiful collection of wetlook shots with a gorgeous model!

After doing this photoshoot, I asked Sabine if she wanted to do some more shoots for my website – to which she happily agreed.. So – provided there’s some positive Feedback – you’ll see some more coming from Sabine!



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  1. zewpress says:

    Love + water = amazing photo

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