The last day of summer …

I never had an outdoor wetlook shooting that late in the year, because usually it’s allready pretty cold in Austria in October. However the forecast was good for this weekend so I decided to do a photoshoot. On Saturday the sky was bright, the temperatures were almost summerlike and everything was prepared for my last outdoor photoshoot of the year, when I received a text message about an hour before the shooting from my planned model, telling me she fell ill and couldn’t shoot that day. You can imagine I was pretty pissed, allthough every photographer makes that experience once in a while. Everything’s prepared, conditions are perfect and than you end up with not even one photo.

I knew I only had a short time left to find another model since it was allready early in the afternoon and it would quickly get cold once the sun goes down. I began to check my network but all my go-to-girls were unavailable that afternoon. My last shot was one girl that accompanied her friend at one of my last wetlook photoshoots. She was only watching back then, but she actually liked her friend getting wet and the resulting pictures. She was online on Facebook and I asked her if she would like to join me for the planned shoot and she agrred to do the shoot without hesitation. And what should I say. Though it was only her first photoshoot she was much more than just a substitute. You’ll probably notice that she’s no professional model, but Sabrina enjoyed the fully clothed bath in what turnded out to be one of my favorite wetlook shoots until today. I hope you like this beautiful photoset as much as I did producing it!


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