A massive gunging for lady Bluesky

Hey folks, there’s a new photoset available. Bluesky is a mature lady, caring a lot about her appperance. Usually she does fashion and lingerie shoots but she also loves posing in the water. After our last wetlook shoot she happened to get a glimpse on some shots from of my recent messy photoshootings and wanted to join the fun right away.

So she joined us for a gunging session, in which she totally messed up her outfit in mutiple coloured gunge and she just didn’t want to stop. She even started to pick up the stuff from the provious shoot and totally covers herself in the slimy goo.

This Super HQ photoset along with a complete making-of footage gives you nothing but pure messy fun. Hope you like it!

You can get the full HQ photoset plus complete making-of video footage here!

A massive gunging for lady bluesky

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